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Every year, over 250,000 dogs and cats are euthanised in Australia’s animal shelters and pounds for lack of good homes. Mandatory desexing laws and breeding bans aim to stop countless animals from being born, only to end up on the streets or in shelters. Domestic animal rescues all around Australia constantly struggle to save the lives of those that enter the shelters, constantly fighting for well over 50% never make it out.

These rescues specialise in rehoming abandoned, mistreated, surrendered and unwanted animals as well as being ambassadors for the desexing of animals to attempt to reduce reproduction.

With supplies, community support and amazing partners like our friends at Petway and VetnPetDirect we supply many Queensland & Northern NSW rescues in the way of food, bedding, leads, collars, preventative medications, toys and grooming products. This allows them to better utilise their limited funding to save lives and pay much needed vet bills of those companion animals that have suffered prior to rescue. 

We also work with those less fortunate, such as with Pets in the Park, in which we assist in feeding the animals of those that are homes, in assisted living or facing financial hardship; because the last thing that one needs in tough times is to have to worry about not being able to care for or keep your best friend. Whether it be dog, cat, rat or bird.

Let's help our furry friends.