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How To Help

Working together for a good cause

The fire crisis of 2019/2020 brought together ourselves, our good friends at ARC (Animal Rescue Cooperative) and our charity partner Mini Kitty Commune (MKC) to take on something that had never been done before: feed the wildlife and support wildlife rescue on a national scale. Providing over 70 tonne off feed to locations all the way from Cairns to Tasmania PER FORTNIGHT, we are literally feeding the wildlife to get them through this fire and drought crisis; until, of course, they can once again feed off the land once more.

We at The Rescue Collective specialise in supporting both domestic and wildlife rescues and their carers through tough times. We do so in the way of supplying feed, supplies, supplements, medical goods, craft and general TLC. We support individual carers, animal hospitals, vets and rescues – no matter how big or small. Because our passion is helping support the lives of animals in our country, it important that we are personable and connect with those we are assisting, so we can truly understand what they need and what they are going through. Our supplies predominantly come from our Collective community members, whom we could never do without.



We do not coordinate vet care directly but the following organisations do, and we encourage you to engage and register with them.

Vets Beyond Borders has an Australian Veterinary Emergency Response Team (AVERT) where you can register to volunteer.


Fancy making a bat wrap, possum nest or joey pouch? Join the craft guild.

This site has all of the patterns and such for the sewing etc as well as information on what is most required and where.

Register on ARC Craft Guild Facebook page!


Join us in getting things done – there is always something needed to be built in the rescue world.

Whether it be a bat enclosure, joey pen or cat enclosure, we will soon have teams that work together to get results for rescues, allowing them to comfortably and safely take on more animals

Let's help our furry friends.