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The Rescue Collective and Animal Rescue Cooperative (ARC), work together in a collaborative manner to ensure greater success in supporting and preserving animal rescue in Australia. Together we make BIG things happen. Based in Canberra and NSW, ARC (previously ARF – Australian Rescue Freecycle) and The Rescue Collective (QLD Based) were sharing contacts and resources in the domestic rescue world, supporting local companion pet rescues. ARC brought to The Rescue Collective an amazing network of supplies provided by both Pet Barn & Petwise and things were nicely flowing along, giving everything we could to one rescue at a time. Then…. The fires happened. What was ultimately the biggest fire disaster in Australian history brought together and made bulletproof, two like minded rescue organisations. Under the governance of the Mini Kitty Commune (MKC) we began raising funds and gathering supplies to feed the wildlife of Australia. Whilst we are independent brands and teams, at times you wouldn’t know. We work that closely that we are almost like one big team… a family. Brought together by an underlying passion for animals and the ability to get shit done.